Local superstitions

As we are trying to grow a garden in Bluefields, I talked to one of
the lady working with us to ask her if she would be OK to give me some
mint seedlings in exchange of a young tomato plant. She agreed without
hesitation but told me she wouldn’t be able to bring the mint to me
before next week. Asking her why, I discovered yet again one of the
surprising traditional beliefs that go around in Nicaragua: apparently,
when you transport mint seedling while one your period, that makes the
mint die. Of course, no scientific background behind this belief, only
the fact that it happened once that mint seedlings were transported by a
woman on her period and the mint died away after a few days.
Other of these strange/surprise believes are numerous here, below are some of my favorites:
  • You shouldn’t open the fridge on the same day that you’ve been ironing or you could die instantly
  • A baby putting his hand in his mouth is preventing his hair to grow
  • To cure most of your belly digestion problem, you should take some lime juice with salt
  • Never take a shower too late at night, it brings¬†arthritis
  • Without rice, a meal is incomplete and will not permit you to do hard physical work
  • Diesel is good to help the healing of most minor injuries such as burns or cuts
  • Coffee grounds is a good to be used to stop the bleeding when you cut yourself deep
  • Drinking while being pregnant makes the baby strong
Thanks Marie!

  • Put a little (licky) wet piece of paper on your forehead to stop hik ups…
  • Don’t plant yucca plants in your yard, they bring death.
  • If your pregnant you cannot watch a dead body at a funeral because your baby will come out stupid or mis-formed.
  • The person who sees the baby’s first tooth has to buy a present. If not the baby will bite and fall all the time when he/she learns to walk…
  • Piss in every possible corner. (but I haven’t figured out why that might be for good luck yet…)

Regards, Mike Hotel Paraiso P.S. more to come…

Thanks Mike!

  • walking barefoot on a tile floor will give you a “fresh cold”
  • never feed fish to a child with a “fresh cold” or they will not get better
  • women cannot bathe in the sea for one week (one month?) after giving birth or… (can’t remember) dogs with black mouths will bite
Thanks Marlies!


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    Wow I’m guessing that people don’t iron that often…

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