Luk-luk what they found!

It’s amazing the bounty of the sea!

I was in Prinzapolka for a few days back in January. Prinzapolka may be the most remote community in the country, hence, due to transport costs, most goods are fairly expensive. So when the family I stayed with spied free food (aka cow) floating down the river to the sea, they didn’t hesitate to swim out to get it!
They later told me that the cow was an unfortunate victim of a bad bovine transaction…selling farmer didn’t like the terms buying farmer thought they had agreed on, an argument ensued and the buying farmer smacked the cow with a stick, breaking it’s leg. Selling farmer threw the cow in the river and, in a rage, pulled out a gun and put a hole in buying farmer.   Even Steven!
Once the cow was on the bank, the men went to work slicing it up. The hide was split and laid out to give them a dropcloth of sorts. The guts were put into a wheelbarrow that went off to one neighbor’s house, the head was carried off to another neighbor’s house and the rack and legs went to our place. All the cuts were sliced up by machete and distributed to the remaining villagers who were waiting patiently. The choice cuts were kept by my host family and boiled up into a traditional Miskito stew called luk-luk.
For the kids it was like Christmas. One boy was running around slapping the girls with the tail while four other boys were chasing each other with the legs. The community members considered themselves very lucky to have gotten a day to eat beef.
Too bad the luk-luk tasted awful.

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