Map of Big Corn Island

Map of Big Corn Island Dec 2012



1. Tree House and Crow’s Nest – Two fully equipped studio-style cottages on a secluded beach. Hot showers, sleeps 4/5.

2. Sea Star Spa – Private luxury retreat tucked away on a secluded beach.; 8910-2410

3. Hotel Morgan – Best value on the island. Doubles, singles, hot water, tv, restauraurant & bar. 2575-5052

4. Sunrise Hotel – Balcony views of the ocean, friendly family atmosphere and great food. 2575-5861 8828-7835

5. G&G – Centrally located with all the amenities and with a bar and restaurant on site. Free wifi.

6. Arena’s Beach – Finest hotel and restaurant on the nicest beach in Corn Island. 2222-6574 or visit us online at

Dive Shop

1. Nautilus Dive – PADI courses, fun dives, snorkel trips, glass-bottom boat trips, fishing (505) 8635-6405


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