Map of Bluefields

Map of Bluefields Dec 2012


1. Caribbean Dream – In the heart of Bluefields, classic style and comfortable with A/C and private bathrooms. 2572-0107

2. Hotel South Atlantic II – Your home away from home! Hotel with tv, A/C, balcony bar and delicious restaurant. 2572-1022

3. Gran Anabas – Western amenities in the center of Bluefields. Singles, doubles; comfort and quality are top priorities. 2572-2640


1. Chez Marcel – International cuisine offering French, American, Argentinian and Swiss dishes. Reservations not required.

2. Salmar – Specializing in Tex-mex, burritos, quesadillas and fajitas as well as pizza. Bigscreen television downstairs, balcony seating upstairs.

3. Pelican Bay – Eat the best seafood in Bluefields dining over the water. Also offers charter fishing trips. 2572-2089

Tour Operator

1. Atlantic Tour – Offering custom tour packages specializing in the Caribbean coast. Visit us at


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