Map of the Mosquito Coast, cerca 1894

Check THIS out…

These are a few clips from the ultra-high resolution map that was recently sent to me by Eric Timar. It’s a really cool hand-drawn representation of the coast from north to south. Some of the more interesting points are the ads on the side…all in English and mostly for bars and hotels serving sailors and visitors to the region. There is also a list of plantations and their owners, some of which share some very common last names found among the Creole population like Hooker and Hodgson.

The map is waaay too big to post in it’s entirety…I had to download a special viewer just to look at it. But below are a few interesting clips:

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Notice that Orinoco and the Garifuna villages aren’t listed…this map predates their arrival by about ten years. Pearl Lagoon is listed as Pearl City and El Bluff is Bluff City.

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Look! Bluefield’s streets actually have names! And there are about four barrios…not the 19 that exist now.

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This is a really cool find for anyone that knows the area, loves maps, or likes old stuff. You can find the original here:


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