Maypole Festival, 2012 in Photos

The morning started out pouring rain but cleared up to give us a fantastic afternoon for the 2012 Maypole festival! Here are a few shots of the carnival that weaved through town and is currently poppin down at Parque Reyes as I type!

The sexy barrio dancers

Streets full!

Shaking the maypole

Barrio group dancing

Grupo Zinica lives on. Click photo for old Zinica Maypole music!

Bitterwood posing with the new Grupo Zinica

Maypole kids

Tough little girls

Drummer approved

Master and his slave

Rum through a straw out of a dog dish

Shaking it all

Sexy dancers with their king

Saloman! Stop looking at his crotch.

Rollin around the corner

Red dancer smiling

From kids to seniors

A parade doesn't stop you when you have to pee.

Pink girls dancing

Rasta painter, Percy

Shaking the palo de mayo

In memory of Mango Ghost, who is now a real ghost.

First place Miss Mayita

Come give me a hug Miss Lovette!


On the way to the carnival today I saw this...fresh leopard skin.

Mom and daughter

Shakin it!

Washtub bass with a man who knows how to strum it!

Bitterwood showing off Zinica

Gloria dancing with Fatima

Parade heading through Beholden

Spraypaint + lighters = instant torches

Even the Garifuna were gettin down.

Dancing low

Photos don't do this guys dance any justice!

Parading around

Posing in front of their tree

Parading around the bend


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