Meat market on Big Corn Island

There is nothing like eating fresh food. Tomatoes picked from the garden, mangoes plucked straight from the tree, bread right out of the oven… and you know that, with the lack of refrigeration in most areas on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, you can almost smell the freshness!

Take the local meat market, for example…

Now, I would like to warn my dear readers that these snapshots of fresh food may make you feel queasy or ill, but they shouldn’t. In fact, if you begin to feel hungry or jealous that your fresh food just isn’t this fresh, well that I can easily understand.

If you aren’t sure what this is was, let me turn it around for you:

This is a photo from a meat market in Big Corn Island. Actually, I wouldn’t call it a meat market when it wasn’t anything more than a guy selling a cow he had slaughtered. It was a hot day and, frankly, you could almost smell the beef cooking inside the building. But what cuts were on the menu, you may be asking?

It was a tasty selection, indeed. But slow down. You mean this guy was standing in a hot box with slabs of beef meat hanging around like he was Jeffrey Dahmer’s interior decorator? No, no, no…even Jeffrey Dahmer kept his meat in the freezer! We were just shopping for entrails and organs, meat that even locals pass when given the option of Spine Steak.

We were shopping for dog food. The freshest on the island!

We were shopping for dog food here. After about three days Mr. Island Butcher had sold his red gold. Three days of fresh meat hanging by hooks from the ceiling. Yum!




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