Moravian church stands front and center

The Moravians? No, they aren’t characters on Star Trek. The Moravian church as an institution has been operating on the Caribbean coast for about 200 years. It was born in what is now Czech Republic in 1457 and, over the centuries, put high value in missionary work. As a result, here on the coast a large percentage of the population is Moravian, and is a contributing factor to why English is so widely spoken.

The most recognizable building in Bluefields, the Moravian church stands majestically front and center of the city. Bluefields isn’t really known for its architecture (especially since Hurricane Joan wiped out most of the wooden, New Orleans-style charm of the city), and though listed as a main attraction by guidebooks, the simple design lends it acceptable to say, “ok, I have seen it. Next.” while passing in a taxi.

However, if you are passing through town and are curious to see how the Moravians spend their Sunday mornings, stop by, pick up a hymn book and join in. The public is welcome.

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