Music Straight from Bluefields: Money Tough by Run Dun Crew

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The Caribbean coast of Nicaragua has always been a treasure trove of music that is hardly heard outside of the region, from Florian Medina and his Cangrejo Man song to reggae artist Philip Montalban to Sabu and his son Zabu to that olde-tyme Maypole sound. Once again the diversity of the Caribbean coast music shines brightly with the inaugural album by Run Dun Crew called Money Tough.

Listen carefully to these ten tracks…this is the future Bluefield’s sound of dancehall and reggae soul. I posted the link to the tracks so I won’t go into detail reviewing them, but this album has been on constant rotation on my player this week and with good reason…these songs are hot. If you have time to listen to only a few, the title track Money Tough is a solid chill out dub reggae song, Run Hot is a tight (and explicit) dancehall track and My One Only Girl is already a classic in Bluefields.

Big up to all of the hard work Kali Boom, Papa Bantam and Evan Rhodes put into creating this album, and big up to Bluefields Sound System for recording their music and getting it to the people.

Check out the sounds and if you like it, BUY IT and support coast music!




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