Music That’s Hot on the Dancehall

The only light in that club was the flash of the camera.


Grab ya gyal and hit the dancehall all you crazy reggae lovin people. This is the soundtrack of your Saturday night.

This is an oldie but has just started to get some serious play here on the coast. It fills up the dancehall every time. Bunny General! But for some reason everybody here thinks it is Cutty Ranks. Wrong!


RDX is back and dance just as crazy as they were in Bend Over video! Make sure you catch the one-legged body drop at 3:00 and the tandem toddler scoot at 3:32. I can’t wait until daggering is exported from Jamaica to Bluefields!


Mr. Vegas can’t be stopped. I want a membership to that gym.


By far Konshens has the hottest song on spin by the selector. Skip the long intro…the music starts at 2:11. All you have to do when you see a nice looking girl walk by is start singing the chorus of this song and, without fail, she will start bouncing. Oh how I love Bluefields!


In Cima it’s a more latin flavor, like Don Omar. This song is super popular, listen to it and you will see why.


If you haven’t heard this you have been under a rock. Nearly half a billion views!


Last but not least, straight from our neighbors to the north, a little Miskito tune called Awala Nani, Yulu Nani Dawanka.

Tinky Pali.


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