Pearl Lagoon

Rock in by bus or fly in by boat, it doesn’t matter how you get to Pearl Lagoon as long as you stay for a few days before leaving. Nearly everybody speaks creole English and are usually very willing to talk. It is a very friendly place and a great jump-off point for the Pearl Cays and communities in the lagoon basin.

Map of Pearl Lagoon Dec 2012


From Wikipedia: About a century ago it was considered to be the second capital of the Miskito Kingdom when the last Mosco king took up residence in the city. He arrived there after Henry Clarence deposed him in Bluefields in 1894.

At that time, Pearl Lagoon was called “the Granada of the Mosquitia by one of the Conquistadores of the Pacific Coast (the Caribbean side wasn’t a part of NIcaragua) because of its beauty and the booming ship traffic. An 18th century cannon situated in the main street of the city has an inscription commemorating battles between liberal and conservative factions.


Most of the inhabitants are Creole but a large number of Miskito and some Garifuna are present. Similar to Bluefields, May Pole ( Palo De Mayo) is a big celebration among the people.

The main communities are Haulover, Kahkabila, Marshall Point, Pearl Lagoon, Orinoco, La Fe, Raitipura, Brown Bank, Tasbapounie, Set Net, Wawashan, San Vicente and Awas.


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  1. Emily6 February, 2014 at 4:06 pm #

    Hi, can you tell me how I get from Little Corn Island to the Pearl Cays?? I have searched high and low and cannot seem to find a succinct answer to this question. Some have said that once I get to LC, that there will be people everywhere saying they can take me in their boat for about $50. Does this seem realistic? Thank you for your help. I will be there in a month, fyi.

    • Casey26 February, 2014 at 1:15 pm #

      The easiest way is to arrange a trip through one of the several tour operators on the little island. Just ask at your hotel. If that doesn’t work, ask at the hotel 3 brothers or Graces Cool Spot. They can put you in touch with the right people.

      $50 sounds realistic for a day trip there and back with a group of 6+ people.
      Have a good trip!

  2. Tania23 July, 2014 at 4:37 pm #

    Hi Casey,
    I’m thinking about coming over to the Caribean this week end. Just want to relax and see something else than the sleepy towns like Somoto … How is the weather like over there? The satellite images look bad, should I wait till August or might be even worther? Is it possible to go to the Pearl Keys these days?
    What would you recomand for a single woman who wants to sip a beer at night with a nice view without getting in trouble Pearl Lagoon or one of the Corn Islands?
    I’d like to do at least one way by road-boat through Rama-Bluefield, no floods in this area right now?
    I couldn’t find any clear information from here, only heard about Nueva Guinea.
    Thanx for your help!

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