Places to Eat in Pearl Lagoon

Good food isn’t hard to find, there just isn’t much choice in where to find it! Pearl Lagoon prides itself in it’s fresh seafood, and you can bet that anywhere you eat, the fish were swimming in the sea the day before.

Casa Ulrich – Big orangey looking two-story building about 200 meters right of the wharf. Offers local and European fare and a great view from the open-walled top story. The local owner studied culinary arts in France and was a professional chef so you can expect tasty food. C$150 – C$300

Queen Lobster Family owned and operated, this place is nice to relax with a drink and grab a bite of good seafood. Located about a block to the right if coming out of the wharf, it sits over the water, it’s a good vantage point to watch the fisherman come and go. Food is usually very good. C$120 – C$220

Sweet Pearly – Local joint with a rainbow-colored comedor/ice creamery in the back (good for cheap lunches) and a dinner restaurant in the more back. Usual chicken, beef and seafood dishes are available. If not sure what to order, remember you can’t go wrong with the Chop Siu! C$40 – C$180

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