Places to Stay in Pearl Lagoon

There are a few places to stay and are quite used to international guests and it shows.

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Casa Blanca – A cool little place in town owned by Miss Dell. Definitely a step up from some of the cheaper options. Take a left from the wharf and follow the signs. Budget to mid-range $$

Casa Ulrich – Take a right from the wharf and go down about 200 meters to the big orange building over the water. Offers nice rooms and a great restaurant. Budget to mid-range $$

Comfort Zone – About a block and a half left of the wharf, down a sidewalk that heads toward the water, right hand side about 20 meters from the street. Small establishment but with new rooms with big beds, ensuite bath and televisions. Martha and Darian are gracious hosts and detail oriented. Budget to Midrange $$

Green Lodge – Clean and charismatic little family-owned place centrally-located on the right-hand side of the main street about a half-block left leaving the municipal wharf. A backpacker’s favorite that also rents bicycles. Budget $

HQ Bed & Breakfast – Located in the tranquil community of Marshal Point, just north of Pearl Lagoon. A panga is required to get there, but if you are looking for the easy-going community life in the luxury of a fully furnished home, this is it! A great deal for the price, single and double rooms include tv, fan, activities like use of the sailing dories, horse riding, etc. Budget $

Miss Ingrid’s – This is a very affordable and quiet option in a family-style setting. Ask directions and zigzag your way through town to get here. Budget $

Queen Lobster – This bar/restaurant has a cool little bamboo cabaña built right over the water. Definitely the nicest place to stay in the area, this little room has it’s own bathroom and the only hot water shower in town. Take a right from the wharf and walk about 200 meters until you see the bridge that takes you over the water to the rancho over the water. Mid-range $$ 

Slilma’s Place – Nice place with restaurant tucked away on the lagoon side of the main street about a block left leaving the municipal wharf. You will need to ask around to find it. Budget $

Anything I missed or changes to be made? Let me know!


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