Pre-Columbian treasure hunt


Ten minutes of treasure hunting

The Caribbean coast of Nicaragua has a history that goes far beyond Zelaya, far beyond Blauvelt and his pirate marauders, far beyond the Kingdom of Mosquitia. Unfortuantely, this history is written only in artifacts that occasionally come to light.

The CIDCA museum in Bluefields has a very interesting collection of artifacts found in the area. These are a few pieces you can find on display.


A closer look at the animal heads reveals the neck area was attached to something larger and flat. These were apparently decorative feet for big bowls. Another interesting note is that some of them have a loose stone or something inside a cavity in the head…that is to say, they rattle!

The jaguar head is especially interesting as it is unlike anything found in the area (that I know of). It shows serious signs of wear, with smoothed lines and dim features. But the face is unmistakable. Others similar can be found in museums in Mexico.

These artifacts represent only a fraction of what has been uncovered on the Caribbean coast. Check out the legend of the manatee for another example of a locally found pre-Columbian artifact.

The truth is that nobody around here knows anything about the Caribbean coast’s pre-Columbian history. If anyone recognizes the style of these artifacts or thinks they can shed some light on how old they might be, feel free to leave a comment or contact me directly.



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