Rama Indian Bow and Arrow

I just got a new toy!!

That isn’t me, by the way.

Yes, it is a real indian bow and arrow.  Two arrows, actually.

The barbed one is for fishing and the spade is for hunting wild boar or tapir

The bow is hand carved from wild pijebye and is very strong. The arrows are longer than the bow and made of wild cane, left to dry for weeks. The arrowheads were beaten and filed, then tied into the cane arrows. There is no fletching; these are long arrows made to be shot short distances. When I asked about the string, he said they find it in the bush…its a grass that they soak for eight days and then braid together, tie on the bow and let dry. “But we use plastic string. It more strong,” Rofinio said. Such is the indian way.

Plastic string or not, this thing is badass! I feel like a warrior holding it, though I haven’t actually shot it yet. He said he will come back with a practice arrow. While I am not against taking aim on a bird, I would hate to lose my arrow!

Ready to strike

Rofinio is 77 years old, nearly blind and half deaf but he still hunts with his bow. “Which ever animal you see from here to that wall,” he said, pointing to the far side of the house 20 feet away. “It is yours.” Sadly, Rofinio says that the young people aren’t interested in learning how to make bows and arrows. He says they prefer to use guns.

Next time I will get him to make me one of those!



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