Review policy

RightSide Guide loves to review cool stuff, new stuff, old stuff, hotels, motels, resorts, hospedajes, restaurants, services, packages and anything that gets sold, gets bought, gets consumed or is worth talking about!

We pledge to review honestly, unbiasedly and objectively as possible. We work for the travelers and locals who use the reviews as well as for the people who sell the things reviewed. Honesty is always the best policy.

But, how do we walk that fine line between reviewing honestly and not risk upsetting the people who sell the things we review? Simple…RightSide Guide sends the review to the manufacturer or seller to request approval before publishing. RightSide Guide will not change any opinions or ideas or views that are expressed in the review, but will always correct addresses, phone numbers, model numbers and that sort of thing if need be. This gives the manufacturer or seller an honest opinion of their product, offers them free word-of-mouth advertising (the best kind) and ensures that the product’s information is correct.

RightSide Guide will never publish reviews that are not approved by the manufacturer or seller. So an unapproved review sounds unfair to the reader and a lot of work for nothing? Not quite…the RSG review serves as honest feedback to the manufacturer or seller, so while it may not be available to the public, it can be used as a guide to improvement.

However, RightSide Guide will always publish reviews that are approved! The advantages are clear, with increased market visibility and word-of-mouth advertising being two of the most obvious.

If you have any questions about the RightSide Guide’s review policy, feel free to ask!



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