Sabu’s Bay of Pigs story

There is a local socca artist from here named Sabu. Sabu says he is 70 years old but you wouldn’t guess it by watching him perform. One time I asked Sabu if he fought in the war and he said no. I was surprised so I asked him again.
“You didn’t hove to fight at all?” I asked.
No man. The onlest thing I  did one time was help move some soldiers. Before deh war.

“Before? What did you do?”
There was a boatload a soldiers an I was workin on deh boat what was carryin dem, you see. I was in charge of openin deh door to let dem out.

“Ah, you were working on the boat, like a deckhand?”
Yeah. I was young.

“Where did you let out the soldiers”
Um…how dat country name? Cuba. Cuba I think it was. Yeah.

“What? You let out a boatload of soldiers in Cuba? When was that?”
Ooh, long time aback! Let’s see…deh…1960s I think it was. I hear later that most a dem die.

I knew that the failed invasion of Cuba left from Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua in the early 60s.
I couldn’t believe what he was telling me!

“So, then what?”
Well, we let dem off deh boat an we turn around and come back to Nicaragua. And den I look a new job because the boat on deh ocean make me sick!

Sabu had never heard of the Bay of Pigs nor did he know who JFK was. That reminds me of an old saying that I just made up: The statue in the museum doesn’t know that it is more than a stone.

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