Sailing Dories (Cayukos con velas)

On clear days when the wind is really pushing, there is nothing as pretty as Bluefields Bay flecked with the colors of sailing dories. Called cayukos in Spanish, these are the traditional dugout canoes fitted with homemade sails made from plastic bags or tarps. When I say dugout canoes, I mean they are made from a single tree that has been felled, cut in half longways and “dug out” to form the canoe shape. They are so heavy it seems a miracle they float, but float they do…I have seen cows being hauled from farm to slaughterhouse in them!

Bluefields bay filled with cayukos

There is a regatta from Bluefields to El Bluff coming up in May…I hope to get a place in the media boat to film it! I will keep ya’ll updated.

Check out these different types of sails that are often seen in the area:

Beautiful sail as seen from my cayuko. I suspect it was made from nylon.

Each one is a work of art…and some seem to defy science when you see them flying by being propelled by wind and sitting only a couple of inches above the waterline.

Sail made from single sheet of black plastic. Who needs a boom!?

For many people here, having a dory is no different than an American having a car. It is necessary for work, used for play and is usually well taken care of. Though, Americans usually don’t build their own cars.

Typical sail made from woven plastic bags.

Stay tuned, I hope to post more pictures of the boats in the coming months.




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