Save the dogs

The aging US aircraft carrier Iwo Jima has been stationed off the coast of Bluefields for about two weeks. Stationed on board are teams of engineers, doctors, veterinarians, dentists and all the support crew required to enable them on their goodwill mission to do what they can during their short stay.

A makeshift health clinic treating tooth, eye and other ailments has been set up in the Moravian school. Today they set up a vet clinic right outside my house.

As you can imagine, there was a lot of barking, growling and yelping. And a lot of scared dogs.

Passing by we saw goats, pigs, a cat and some little spotted rat-like animal from the jungle. But mostly the animals being served were dogs and kids. Dogs were getting rabies vaccinations and kids were getting a chance to do something different for a day.

Photos by Simon

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