Rasta scraper bike spotted in Bluefields!

His name is Puss and I don’t think he knows how cool he is. On second thought, anyone with a ride like that must know they are the scene king on the block.

I recognized him from around town and wasn’t going to let this opportunity go. “Hey man, make I catch yar picha!” He slows down and says, “Sure man, no prablem.”

I ran in to get my camera and returned to find him on the other side of the street, posing with his bike-craft. “You got deh coolest bike I seen here. I love it!”, I told him as I snapped a couple of shots. “You like it? Thanks man,” he says, knowing what I said was true.

I told him about my bicycle…a black and white candystriped cruiser that I ride on occasion. “Yeah, I seen dat wan. Yeah,” he commented. “If you like my bike, I can make you one.” I was a bit surprised and, well, confused. “You can make me one? A bike like yours?” I asked quizically. “Yeah man, I can make you one like mine, no prablem,” he says. “Well,” I replied. “Sure! I wan one bike like what you have!”

“Okay, I make you wan, den.”

And just as quickly as he appeared, he rode off in the scraper bike sunset, daughter in his lap, plastic flapping in the wind.

One day I might be lucky enough to own a Puss original bicyle. But I will never look as cool riding it down the block.

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