Small cog in a big machine

Gun violence isn´t very common in Bluefields. That´s why everyone was shocked when an assassin gunned down someone in broad daylight at the municipal wharf last week.

There was an organization that had a team stuck in Greytown with a broken panga motor last week. The guy in Greytown called the organization in Bluefields to get the part. Bluefields called  their contact in Managua to buy the part. Managua bought the part and shipped it by plane to Bluefields. So far, so good. So far, too good… Someone calls me and says, you aren´t gonna believe this. Everything is ready, we received the part here in Bluefields and went to the municipal wharf to send it with the commercial panga to Greytown…

And? I asked.

And then we found out the panguero had just been shot!


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