Purchases from the Souvenir Shop

Thank you for supporting local artists from the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua! With about 80% unemployment in the region, every little bit of income helps these artists support themselves and their families.

Purchases are made through this website directly from the artist. That means that I walk to their house, knock on the front door, either buy the piece or have them create it, and then I send it to the buyer from Bluefields, Nicaragua.

custom carving

Customization is easy. That’s the benefit of buying directly from the artist. Personal inscriptions are the most common, but entire pieces can be created by the artist. Just inquire below.

To make a purchase, just fill out the form below with describing piece you would like to buy/inquire about and the price calculated with all extras and shipping. I usually respond within 24 hours and will send an invoice which will give you the option to pay with a credit card or paypal. Once payment is confirmed, I will ship the item(s) to the address provided.

Shipping from Bluefields, Nicaragua isn’t cheap. Under 1kg (2.5 lbs) is $15 flat rate to the continental US. Shipping worldwide is available, just inquire in the form below.