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An article by Adam Clarke from the Nicaragua Dispatch:

LITTLE CORN ISLAND—Canadians coming to Nicaragua is actually pretty common, especially in the colder winter months when the lure of a Central American/Caribbean vacation is only a few mouse clicks away on your favorite travel site. The voyage usually consists of a connecting flight in the U.S. for same day arrival into Managua; then it’s time to relax and explore this beautiful country.

Stephanie Solverson, however, has chosen another mode of travel from Canada to Nicaragua: by bicycle. Steph initially came to Nicaragua in early 2010 to work as diving instructor for Dolphin Dive on Little Corn Island, but returned home to Canada in July of this year to visit friends and family and consider her next steps in life.

But she couldn’t shake Nicaragua and Little Corn Island from her mind, so she has decided to come back. Two of the people she met during her time on Little Corn have shaped her return journey. First was Anna, an English lady who was cycling from Alaska to South America, second was Zac Folk, founder of Common Threadz, a non-profit organization that is building a Community Learning Centre on Little Corn Island.

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Check out and donate to Stephanie’s cause at Common Threadz

Read all about Stephanie’s adventure on her blog, stephgoescycling

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