Superstitions of the Caribbean coast, Babies Edition!

Old companero and new father Chris Sparadeo passed along a cool article he wrote on some of the superstitions he has discovered in the last two months of raising his baby boy with his Bluefields wife.

A couple of gems:

When pregnant the baby will only allow their mother to have intimate relations with the baby’s father. If someone other than the baby’s father tries making love to the pregnant woman, the fetus will push the trespasser’s “privates” out of his mom’s “privates”.

When a baby has hiccups it means they are growing faster. Every hiccup inflates them just a little bit more.

You can’t cut your baby’s hair until they start to talk otherwise they will develop a stutter.

Classic! I have found that being a new father myself (on the pacific side) a lot of these are Nicaragua-wide but with a few twists. If you want to know how to treat baby hiccups, what they dream about or how to keep evil spirits away, check out Chris’s blog:


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