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Bluefields Sound System makes a mark

The Caribbean coast of Nicaragua has been getting some great press lately. Here is a story by Marlon Bishop that recently ran on one of MTV’s music blogs: On the isolated Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, embraced tightly by green jungle in all sides, is a place called Bluefields. To get there, you start with a […]

RightSide Guide Magazine is Here!

Introducing the first issue of the survival guide to the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, the RightSide Guide magazine! It’s 32 pages packed with information on activities, transport schedules, upcoming festivals and more for the Corn Islands, Bluefields, Pearl Lagoon and Greytown. This edition will be 1,000 copies and, starting in 2013, will be printed every […]

Pirates of the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua

The Caribbean coast wasn’t always the wild, wild east clean, orderly paradise you see today. It wasn’t so long ago that these waterways were used as pirate hideouts. The entire country drains to the Caribbean side. That means wide, deep rivers and lots of them. Add to that lagoons, bays and islands and you have a […]

The Three Palms

They are an iconic part of Bluefield’s cityscape. The three palm trees that stand guarding over downtown are estimated to be over 100 years old. Nobody knows who they belong to…they stand in a vacant lot that lies unclaimed. Before hurricane Joan in 1988 there were five. These three survivors, sentinels of a bygone era, […]

Rasta Last Supper

Artist’s rendition of an artist’s rendition of an artist’s rendition of the last supper. Painted by Percy, local rasta, who most probably took the idea from some other painter (google rasta last supper) who probably took it from Leonardo DiVinci. I found this one painted over an arch in the living room of a local […]

Cima Karaoke

The nightlife in Bluefields is one of the most interesting/dangerous/fun aspects of visiting the city. Interesting as you find yourself as a curious anthropologist studying the people, the dancing and the beer, dangerous because you feel like you are in the wrong part of town regardless of where you go and fun because the nights are […]

Judas Night in Bluefields!

The old folks don’t know where the tradition came from, but they remember how they used to do it. The night before Easter is called Judas Night. It is “celebrated” by the younger generation running around town in the middle of the night grabbing anything that isn’t bolted down and putting it under an effigy […]