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Thinking of buying your own island?

The Pearl Cays are a beautifully fragile set of sandbars and coral reefs with a few palm trees dotting the tops, all located just off the coast of Pearl Lagoon. A few years ago locals were surprised to learn that this communal fishing area had been suddenly sold to international investors who started building houses […]

Heavyweight fighter Evans Quinn on the run

He was a heavyweight contender born into a family of boxers from a tiny community on the Caribbean coast. Now he is a man on the run, wanted for murder. Evans Quinn It’s been an interesting few months watching this story unfold. Admittedly this post is a bit early because the situation has not been […]

Small cog in a big machine

Gun violence isn´t very common in Bluefields. That´s why everyone was shocked when an assassin gunned down someone in broad daylight at the municipal wharf last week. There was an organization that had a team stuck in Greytown with a broken panga motor last week. The guy in Greytown called the organization in Bluefields to […]