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White Lobsters on the Mosquito Coast

Here is an interesting article from TIME magazine about the lucrative cocaine-smuggling trade up the Caribbean coast. This one seems much more up-to-speed than some of the other articles floating around on the internet about cocaine and the coast. Ever since the “white lobsters” started washing up on Nicaragua’s Caribbean shore a decade ago, life […]

Prevention campaign against Leptospirosis

A epidemic of leptospirosis is spreading in Nicaragua. For the moment the only reported cases are on the Pacific side around Leon, but since it is spreading fast, the Nicaraguan government has decided to act. The MinSa (Ministry of Health) has launched a campaign against leptospirosis. Unfortunately, it seems that they forgot to train the […]

Autonomy day

Gracias elnuevodiario.com.ni Autonomy day came and Autonomy day went…and the message from the politicians and radio hosts on stage during the celebration in the park was we need to fight for autonomy (wasn’t that tried 25 years ago?). They held a march for autonomy downtown chanting slogans and displaying signs and culminating with the burning […]