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RightSide Guide Magazine is Here!

Introducing the first issue of the survival guide to the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, the RightSide Guide magazine! It’s 32 pages packed with information on activities, transport schedules, upcoming festivals and more for the Corn Islands, Bluefields, Pearl Lagoon and Greytown. This edition will be 1,000 copies and, starting in 2013, will be printed every […]

Casting for dinner

These kids are no older than 12 or 13, but can cast their nets like the pros twenty years their senior. This is typical daily life in villages like Kahkabila, where the people eat what the jungle and the sea provides. I once spoke with the village leader, a middle-aged Miskito indian the locals call […]

Rama Cay Funeral

The Rama indians number only a few thousand dispersed throughout ten communities on the southern Caribbean coast of Nicaragua. The majority live on the tiny island of Rama Cay, a rock peppered with palm trees and palm roofs. On the south end of the island is the school, on the north, the church. It was […]

Pre-Columbian treasure hunt

  The Caribbean coast of Nicaragua has a history that goes far beyond Zelaya, far beyond Blauvelt and his pirate¬†marauders, far beyond the Kingdom of Mosquitia. Unfortuantely, this history is written only in artifacts that occasionally come to light. The CIDCA museum in Bluefields has a very interesting collection of artifacts found in the area. […]

Autonomy day

Gracias elnuevodiario.com.ni Autonomy day came and Autonomy day went…and the message from the politicians and radio hosts on stage during the celebration in the park was we need to fight for autonomy (wasn’t that tried 25 years ago?). They held a march for autonomy downtown chanting slogans and displaying signs and culminating with the burning […]