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Heavyweight fighter Evans Quinn on the run

He was a heavyweight contender born into a family of boxers from a tiny community on the Caribbean coast. Now he is a man on the run, wanted for murder. Evans Quinn It’s been an interesting few months watching this story unfold. Admittedly this post is a bit early because the situation has not been […]

A ha may Motor!

  Saw the motor and its owner in Monkey Point, the capital of DIY fixes. Both sides of your motor need painting but you only have one stencil? Easy! Just flip over the stencil and paint it on backwards! And in case you are wondering if this photo has been flipped, take a look at […]

Monkey Point criticizes river dredging

From the Nica Times comes an interesting story about local community leader, Allen Clair Duncan, and his push to protest the proposed deep-water port in Monkey Point, the military presence in the autonomous area and dredging of the San Juan river that borders Costa Rica. Sandinista authorities have told local community leaders that the river […]

Monkey Point

Someone once described Monkey Point as what they imagined Christopher Columbus saw when his boat landed in the New World. No cars, no roads and no power lines. Huts built from materials cut from the jungle, heart-stopping sunsets and secluded beaches where you are guaranteed not to find footsteps other than yours. The village has […]

Lost and found at sea

Edwin is a fisherman in Monkey Point. Fishing isn’t an easy profession anywhere in the world, but for fisherman in the communities it can be downright dangerous. One day Edwin told me a story about what had happened the month prior. “We gon out fah set de lines fah catch shark,” he told me as […]