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Music that’s hot on the dance hall

Turn up the bass, turn down the lights and grab ya gyal fa wine up…here are a few of the latest songs hottin up the dance hall right now: Popcaan. Dig the leopard-print cardigan! Di Genius. About…let’s see…a girl bouncing her butt! Original. Mavado. Says it’s her destiny. http://youtu.be/LUfdegol9ag Of course, Vybz Kartel. Official song […]

Cima Karaoke

The nightlife in Bluefields is one of the most interesting/dangerous/fun aspects of visiting the city. Interesting as you find yourself as a curious anthropologist studying the people, the dancing and the beer, dangerous because you feel like you are in the wrong part of town regardless of where you go and fun because the nights are […]

4 Brothers

“Hey man, where is the party at tonight,” I ask him in Spanish. “Well, you can go to Lala’s, then to Cima Club, then to 4 Brothers,” he tells me while deftly weaving through traffic and pedestrians in his taxi. I asked him knowing the answer, but I had new friends in tow who were […]