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The Greasy Pole

(Editor’s note: This post was originally an email to someone that had a very strict spam filter. I thought, instead of removing the references to work-at-home programs and erectile dysfunction pills and resending to one person, perhaps I should share with everyone. Without the spam references, of course.) Just two weeks ago was the big […]

San Jeronimo has begun!

I woke up to the sound of sirens and a marching band at 4:30am. This is not unusual…in Bluefields they love love love giving people early-morning reminders that the day means something. Christmas, ¬†Easter, FSLN wins an election, PLC wins an election, grandma finally had a solid bowel movement, Thursdays, whatever the reason, it’s usually […]

Vive San Jeronimo

San Jeronimo Day has been celebrated in Bluefields for about 40 years since carried from Masaya, Nicaragua by the Obando family. While continuing in its traditional form in Masaya, the celebration in Bluefields has evolved a bit. Some of the costumes are quite spectacular.