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Legend of the manatee

The manatee statue lived by the shore and beckoned the gentle beasts to the lagoon each winter. They answered the call of their ancestors, the ones who had created the statue. It is said that statue would turn away from the sea sending the manatees away, and would later turn to face the sea, calling […]

Local superstitions

As we are trying to grow a garden in Bluefields, I talked to one of the lady working with us to ask her if she would be OK to give me some mint seedlings in exchange of a young tomato plant. She agreed without hesitation but told me she wouldn’t be able to bring the […]

The source of a woman’s power

It isn’t her angelic beauty or her twinkly-eyed charm. It isn’t the money in her bank account or the awesome rondon she makes on Sundays. It isn’t even her vagina. Nope, ask any coastal woman, creolla, mestiza or miskita, and she will tell you that the source of a woman’s power is her unshaven leg […]