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Cangrejo Man on tour!

Last night I got the exciting news that the hottest rising stars in the Miskitu music scene, the Cangrejo Man Band, is doing a first-ever Caribbean coast tour. First ever not just for the Cangrejo Man Band, but this route by sea down the Caribbean coast is a first for any band! They will be […]

Yaaa me voooy, cangrejo!

Guess who is coming to perform in Tasbapauni this weekend?? Florian M! He is world famous in Bilwi as one of the primier Miskito musical artists. Check out his latest hit: Cangrejo (at least watch it until you see the Mr. Redsleeves doing the hammer dance)!    

Sea turtles

I remember thinking, “this pork has a lot of funny little bones.” When I asked which part it came from, the cook said, “flipper.” And that was my first experience eating sea turtle. I have only eaten it a handful of times and only in the communities where it is customary to eat what is […]