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Blessed Taxi Dash

  There is so much going on in this weird river-rock catholic-themed jungle dash that I don’t know where to start. What’s funny is that I took two separate photos on different days not realizing I was in the same taxi. At some point Simba showed up… King of the jungle and King of kings […]

Taxi dash viva Barcelona!

I stepped into his cab wondering if anybody could love Barcelona football club more than this guy and stepped back out thinking, um… nope. Barcelona and Royal Pine Car Freshner and stick-on objects-in-mirror-are-larger-than-they-appear mirrors and… and tweety bird! How messi.  

Dashing taxi dash

Hey man! Is that a monkey swingin from your mirror? And…is that a dolphin beached on your dashboard? Hey, I think I see a squirrel climbing out of your air conditioner vent! Aaaand…a gold Jesus on a cross overseeing the ark that carries all of your animals. God bless you, Noah.