Talk Kriol

If you want to be understood by the locals you have to learn to talk like the locals. The following is a brief lesson on how to mash up your English to speak passable Creole.

Rama Cay creole is slightly different with hard-rolled Rs and a downward draw at the end of some sentences.

We, she, he, huh? Personal pronouns are frequently jumbled up before being spit out in a funny order. Him no wan buy we a beer. She do it fa we!
Often a collection of something that is the subject has “them” tacked on after. Deh people dem take deh boats far catch deh fish.

A polite way of asking you a favor is often disguised as asking if you don’t want to do it. Yoo no wan go up 4brothers? translates to, “Would you like to pay for us to go to 4brothers?” Though people sometimes say thank you, don’t expect to hear please.

When speaking casually among friends, expect to hear bayh (boy) capping exclamations. Dat rondon tehs good bayh! translates to, “Boy that rondon tastes good!”

beecha = really big … Dem haul up a beecha jack fish to feed deh whole a dem.
bokkle = bottle … Shout me one bokkle a coke!
to box = to punch … Deh watchman nearly box he at the bar.
to carry someone = to offer to pay the way of someone … My broahddah goin carry me Managua.
coco = quiquisque root or slang for vagina … Me wan buy one coco cake.
cokenut = coconut … Deh bes cokenut deh young, sweet cokenut.
dory = dugout canoe … Deh dory good far sail.
to haul = lift up, take out … Haul deh motah out deh watah
to humbug = to break … Mind you humbug up deh computah in deh rain.
to invite = to offer to pay to take someone out (male or female) … Leggo ta 4brothas, I invite you!
likky = little … I jus wan a likky piece!
to make = to let … Make I see yer phone.
mash up = screw up … I done mash up deh door when I shut it too hard.
meat = female … Dats a tall piece a meat. (I know that sounds demeaning but I have yet to meet a local female that feels offended by being referred to as “meat”)
onlest = only … Tona deh onlest beer dem sellin.
panya = mestizo person … Dem no was Kriol, dem was Panya I tink.
to shout = to offer … Make I shout you one fresco.
spaniard = mestizo person … Him is one Spaniard from Managua.
to stone = to throw something … Dem was stonin bokkles in deh street!
to tump = to hit (a person usually) … I seen him tump up deh next man.
vex = angry … Don get vex wit deh taxi man!
wari = wild pig … Deh bes rondon is wit wari.
watchman = guard, bouncer … Mind you vex deh watchman.

Listen carefully:


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  1. Ms Beauty Soul27 January, 2011 at 11:46 am #

    Sounds exactly like Jamaica Patois to me. I would have just assumed he was a Jamaican.

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