Thinking of buying your own island?

The Pearl Cays are a beautifully fragile set of sandbars and coral reefs with a few palm trees dotting the tops, all located just off the coast of Pearl Lagoon. A few years ago locals were surprised to learn that this communal fishing area had been suddenly sold to international investors who started building houses and resorts. Needless to say there was big uproar over the situation, one that eventually led to… well, I will let you find out for yourself.

From the following documentary’s intro:

In 2002, indigenous rights attorney Maria Acosta positioned herself on the forefront of a controversial case that brought the lush, undeveloped lands of Nicaragua’s Atlantic Coast into the international spotlight. Local indigenous communities found that the islands and beachfront that had been part of their culture for centuries were being sold to private owners over the Internet. Forced off of their traditional land, Maria was their hope for justice.

On April 8 Maria came home to find her husband murdered in her Bluefields apartment. As the investigation began, fear quickly set in. When interviewed by journalists she concluded, “I think somebody was sent to kill ME.”

Following the murder there was silence. The media dropped the story, indigenous leaders retreated, and locals stopped talking. Now, Maria breaks the silence about what really happened in Bluefields that night and the events that set the stage for the murder.

Mallory Sohmer



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