Top 10 things to do on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua

They aren’t numbered because they are in no particular order, but here are the top ten things to do on the coast.
  • Lounging on a Little Corn Island beach with a rum-filled coconut
  • Watching punta dancers shake it in Orinoco
  • Getting dirty on the dance floor on Saturday night at Four Brothers in Bluefields
  • Learning how to make coconut bread in Rama Cay
  • Tulululu
  • Watching a lady’s softball game in Tasbapauni (way more fun than a serious men’s game!)
  • Exploring Monkey Point by horse
  • Snorkeling the reef off Little Corn Island
  • Eating a rondon from anywhere on the coast (everybody thinks they make the best)
  • Crab Soup Day in Big Corn Island

How many will you be able to cross off? Not enough!


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