Top beaches on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua

You may have seen photos of the surfing barrels that roll into the beaches on the Pacific side of Nicaragua, but if you are looking for a more relaxed, tropical style beach, the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua has it! Check out these great selections:

1. Pearl Cays

With miles of white sand beaches scattered throughout 18 islands, the Pearl Cays remain one of the top -though undervisited- beach destinations in the country. These beautiful low-lying islands are in danger, however. Erosion from hurricanes has greatly reduced their size and damaged fragile turtle breeding grounds. Visitors are encouraged, though you will need to arrange a tent for overnight trips.

Taking a walk on the beach of Wild Cane Cay

Typical scene from Water Cay


2. Big Corn Island

Some of best-known beaches on the Caribbean coast are also some of the easiest to get to. Big Corn Island is only an short plane ride from Managua but a world away. Most of the island is surrounded by beaches, some sandy and some rocky. These photos are from Picnic Center beach, one of the most popular spots on the island.

Picnic Center, Big Corn Island

Sailboat at the end of the wharf in Picnic Center, Big Corn Island


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3. Little Corn Island

We can’t leave out Little Corn when talking about the top beaches on the coast! You can still find yourself the only person on beaches like the one pictured below, a little slice of paradise all to yourself. This one is located just south of Casa Iguana. Unforgettable.

Little Corn Island beach


4. Monkey Point

Arguably one of the most difficult places to get to on the Caribbean coast, Monkey Point is where the government is planning on building a deepwater port. Little doubt you will be the only person to visit any one of the dozens of small beaches at any given time, but if the port project moves ahead, they will all be gone.

Just south of Monkey Point

Tree, dory, latrine, palm and Monkey Point sunset


 5. El Bluff

Wait, what!?

It’s always a party at El Bluff. Photo credit Mathias Craig















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