Tulululu 2012…What was THAT?!

In Bluefields, Nicaragua, the month of May is a celebration of the beginning of the rainy season, ruled by Mayayaya, a fertility goddess that the population worships by throwing parties in the street on random days, parading down the street dressed in carnival-style outfits and marching en masse on the last day of the month through the creole neighborhoods, following the band and shaking the maypole tree.

That last part is the Tulululu. From the history I could find, the original name is the Tulu lulu pas anda, and it started with a group of people singing, dancing and shaking the May pole tree in Old Bank barrio and in Cotton Tree. They would leave out during the late evening and march toward the center of town where the celebration would continue.

This year, though sponsored by Flor de Cana and full of Nicaraguan TV reporters, was similar to the “old days” with both groups leaving out and meeting more or less in the middle before marching on to the basketball court in Beholden.

And, of course, they were dancing the Tulululu for blocks!

Pass Under

Shaking the maypole trees

The party continued with Caribbean Taste playing all the old Maypole favorites from waaay back, then they put on the dirty dancehall and the crowd really got down. Sorry I don’t have any photos; I was too busy dancing! The crowds moved on to Four Brothers after that but I had to call it a night.

All in all I have to say it was the best Tulululu I had experienced. It went back to its roots with the two groups meeting in the middle of town (which was the first time I have seen them do that), and right as Old Bank met Cotton Tree, the rain began. Everyone was dancing to the band, soaking wet and loving it. Perfect.

If you were there, let me know what you thought. If you wished you could have been, well, there is always next year!


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