Update on Evans Quinn: Got him!

And did they ever catch him!

If you remember the last post about the boxer turned murderer turned fugitive, you will remember that he escaped Bluefields on a jet ski and has been on the lam ever since. Well, for all those worried about getting on Evans’ bad side, you won’t have anything to fear for the next 17 and a half years, since that is how long he has been sentenced for the killing of Raul Sambola in February.

So where has he been for the last two months? Apparently he went on a little Caribbean tour that took him to Pearl Lagoon, Puerta Cabezas, Honduras and finally back to Bluefields where he had been spotted drinking in some of the local bars!

When the cops finally caught up with him, they gave him a warm welcome indeed…

He was arrested along with a group of Colombians and charged with arms trafficking, drug trafficking, human trafficking with intent to sell underage girls as prostitutes. Who knows how much of that is true, but there is a good chance some of it will stick in court. Here he is disputing those claims in Spanish (skip to 3:05):

Basically he says that the people with him just asked for a ride. The pistols are his, and he says he doesn’t know anything about the organized crime ring they are talking about. He says, “I am never going to pin something on other people if they weren’t involved with me, because I have cajones. Enough to spare!” ¬†When asked about the women, he replies, “I was with three of my wives.” He disputes his involvement with the 13-year old girl, stating that she is the cousin of one of his wives and mom gave her permission to go with them.

When asked about Raul Sambola, the guy he shot in February, he said, “If he was born again, I would kill him again.”

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