When is the best time to visit the Corn Islands?

People ask me all the time what I think the weather will be like six months from now when they are planning to visit the Corn Islands.

Think about that for a second.


Yes it is a bit of a ridiculous question but then again it isn’t. They aren’t asking me to predict the weather six months from now but rather to give them an interpretation, based on my experience, of the probabilities of the weather patterns. Well, this will be my new answer!

weather in corn island

Don’t mind the rain but want to avoid the tourists? Visit Corn Island in October. Don’t mind the tourists but want sun and snorkeling? Head to the islands in late April, early May. Want to avoid the tourists, wind and rain? Go Malapaisillo on the Pacific side.

Now you can factor in wind, rain and tourists. That’s the other question that goes along with the weather. I suppose I could describe the first few months as a blizzard of visitors that abruptly subsides after May. Typically that’s just as the rainy comes into full swing. The wind can be also be a factor. The boat ride between the islands can get really rough and is regularly cancelled on days in November – January. It also makes for poor visibility when snorkeling.

Keep in mind the chart above is not based on science fact but rather on my experiences in the last 5 years living on the coast. If any scientists would like to reference my brain they are welcome to because the information is as good as fact. I promise.  🙂


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