Ladies and Gentlemen, for the first time in 28 years the Caribbean Coast baseball team has won the Nicaraguan National Championship! For those of you who aren’t familiar with Nicaraguan baseball, it’s like saying the Boston Redsox won the World Series. Miracles do happen!

winamba parade-2It was a real clencher right from the start. The Managua team scored four runs in the first inning! But not to be outdone, the Coast team tied it in the same inning.

We won 10-6 after a valiant but futile few innings by the Managua team. The energy all over the coast, from Waspam to Greytown, is electric! Just after the game the lady in the photo above ran to the park waving her quickly made sign and everyone stepped in line behind her. A block later the drums joined in. A block after that, the horns. At the next block, someone ripped down a banner from over the street and a group of people held it high as they marched, easily a thousand people strong, through Bluefields! People were setting off fireworks, hanging out of cars and filling the beds of trucks, all yelling and cheering for the new champions of Nicaraguan baseball, the Caribbean Coast!



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